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2021: January Reset, Refresh, Reboot: Kick-start 2021 with a 90 day plan!

January’s meeting (during lockdown) was a great time of the year to press pause and focus some quality time on our businesses.  With everything else we have going on, we often get caught up in working in our businesses and struggle to see the wood for the trees. 

Our speaker Louise Gordon helped us look back at some of our resourceful discoveries from 2020 (amazing since we spent it mainly in lockdown!) as well as looking forward to where we want to be by the end of 2021. This was a really interactive session with triads in zoom break-out rooms where we had time to chat about our own businesses and identify our priorities for the next 90 days. Louise gave us some great ways in which we can hold ourselves accountable and track our progress. What a great session to start the year!

Speaker’s Bio: Louise Gordon

Louise Gordon set up her business, Louise Gordon Consultancy Limited, in 2013 and during this time has supported a number of large corporate acquisition and transformation programmes.  Louise decided to change the focus of her business in 2020 to move to more of a portfolio business model and offers a bespoke range of consultancy, change support, coaching and workshops with a common thread of people and change.