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March 2023 :’Becoming a Master Coach’ with Ray Charlton

We met face to face at our new venue Hockley House Hotel in Solihull in March 2023, led by guest speaker Ray Charlton. Ray is a familiar face at Coaching Central and many of you will know him for his wisdom, humour and presence. We invited him to speak to us about Mastery given he is an Association for Coaching Accredited Master Executive Coach and an AC Accreditation Assessor, and an all round amazing human being.

Ray helped us explore what is mastery in coaching, sharing aspects of his own coaching journey with us. He asked us ‘what is mastery?’ which got us all talking about different skills and abilities from being a Michelin chef to a world-class Olympic athlete. We touched on the idea that mastery is a journey, not a destination. Being on the journey and constantly learning can sometimes make us feel uncomfortable, because we know that we don’t know everything there is to know….and we never will. Ray shared several thought-provoking models with us to help us process our thinking – see the photos below along with some book recommendations for further reading.

At the end Ray got us all involved in what he called a ‘concert’. Using excerpts from various Alchemy of Coaching’s monthly discussion papers ‘Base Metal’, we all read out different sentences one after another. Here are some of the sentences we read out:

“an expert wants to get to the answer as quickly as possible and a master is willing to stay in the not knowing as long as possible” (a quote from Aboodi Shabi)

it is the apparently intuitive choices that the coach makes that are the sign of mastery. This “intuition” is the product of learning over many hours, occasionally trying things out that do not work, making mistakes and learning from them and always seeking to improve.”

“as a coach, I believe that learning and change begin with me. In order to be fully present to my client, I will prepare myself and seek to be in as resourceful a state as I can be. This does not mean that I am perfect!”

It was a captivating, and in many ways a moving experience, as we ended the evening with some powerful coaching insights.

If you’d like to subscribe to the Alchemy of Coaching’s ‘Base Metal’ for more coaching insights, click here

Ray’s book recommendations for further reading

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February 2023

The MAGIC happens in the silence:
A guide to the art of reflective coaching

In February we were joined online by guest speaker Rosie Nice, author of “The Magic happens in the silence.” We learned all about MAGIC Coaching Methodology, which provides an excellent framework to guide coaching conversations. We explored:

  • What is MAGIC?
  • What are the benefits of a MAGIC approach?
  • How does it happen in the silence?
  • How can you use MAGIC in your coaching?

It was an inspiring session with some great ideas about how to frame coaching conversations and provides an invaluable set of core questions to accompany you through the coaching process.

If you would like to know more about Rosie’s book, check out the link:

  • Enhance your skills and confidence as a coach
  • Gain clear focus and direction by utilising the MAGIC Methodology
  • Build a succinct library of insightful coaching questions
  • Enrich your coaching with a range of creative tools and techniques
  • Realise your own potential and support others in doing the same
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How to create a signature coaching programme that sells

In January 2023 we were joined by guest speaker Joanna Lott,  a qualified business coach who helps coaches stand out and get clients with honesty not hype. 

Joanna helped us understand how we can differentiate our own service offering from all the other coaches out there, and communicate the value of what we do for clients in a much clearer way. Joanna shared her simplified step by step system to help us map out our own Signature Coaching Package. We focused in on the concrete problem we want to help clients solve, our niche and building a simple framework to help us market it more effectively. Joanna generously shared her knowledge, experience and advice with us all as she facilitated a session full of value.

The session was hugely valuable, we had lots of positive feedback and all left with some actionable next steps.

Joanna Lott

Speaker’s Bio: Joanna Lott

On qualifying as an Executive Coach, she set about learning everything she could about business, sales and marketing and quickly built a profitable career and executive coaching business around her young family. Other coaches started asking her how she did it, so she’s supported 25 coaches in the last year alone to help them to build their business and get clients so they can make a living doing work they love.

Joanna blends her love of coaching and marketing into a system of support called The Business of Coaching, that’s turned out to be a space that works incredibly well, so that more coaches are profitable in their brilliant coaching business.  

Joanna’s qualifications include: ICF Associate Certified Coach, ILM Level 7 Certificate in Executive Coaching & Mentoring. 

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2021: January Reset, Refresh, Reboot: Kick-start 2021 with a 90 day plan!

January’s meeting (during lockdown) was a great time of the year to press pause and focus some quality time on our businesses.  With everything else we have going on, we often get caught up in working in our businesses and struggle to see the wood for the trees. 

Our speaker Louise Gordon helped us look back at some of our resourceful discoveries from 2020 (amazing since we spent it mainly in lockdown!) as well as looking forward to where we want to be by the end of 2021. This was a really interactive session with triads in zoom break-out rooms where we had time to chat about our own businesses and identify our priorities for the next 90 days. Louise gave us some great ways in which we can hold ourselves accountable and track our progress. What a great session to start the year!

Speaker’s Bio: Louise Gordon

Louise Gordon set up her business, Louise Gordon Consultancy Limited, in 2013 and during this time has supported a number of large corporate acquisition and transformation programmes.  Louise decided to change the focus of her business in 2020 to move to more of a portfolio business model and offers a bespoke range of consultancy, change support, coaching and workshops with a common thread of people and change. 

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October’s Meeting: Systems in your Business

How efficient is your coaching business?

October’s session was content-rich in terms of tools and systems you can use in your coaching business to make things work more efficiently. Led by our guest speaker, Natalie-Claire Luwisha, we looked at our calendars, social media, client management and time management.

Natalie-Claire had loads of hints and tips about how to create systems that really work. She also helped us to understand how to create frameworks for your own systems: 1) plan the process 2) schedule the steps into your calendar 3) track how long it takes to complete. If you track an activity, it helps you to schedule the right amount of time for it next time – rather than assuming you might need an hour or two (which often leads to procrastination!)

“What gets scheduled gets done”

Speaker’s Bio: Natalie-Claire Luwisha

Engineer to Entrepreneur 

Natalie-Claire’s professional career began in the STEM industry as a Civil and Structural Engineer.

She now brings the analytical elements of her engineering experience to her coaching business and in her speaking sessions.

In her coaching, Natalie helps women manage their time and gain the confidence to build their businesses. She empowers and encourages her clients to achieve their goals by helping them gain the clarity, confidence and courage to change their lives.

Her specialist areas are:

Time Management – Scheduling, planning, creating habits & routines

Goal Setting – Life & Business goals, long & short term goals

Courage & Confidence – Having the confidence to take action

Health & Happiness – Self-Care, health & fitness