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February 2023

The MAGIC happens in the silence:
A guide to the art of reflective coaching

In February we were joined online by guest speaker Rosie Nice, author of “The Magic happens in the silence.” We learned all about MAGIC Coaching Methodology, which provides an excellent framework to guide coaching conversations. We explored:

  • What is MAGIC?
  • What are the benefits of a MAGIC approach?
  • How does it happen in the silence?
  • How can you use MAGIC in your coaching?

It was an inspiring session with some great ideas about how to frame coaching conversations and provides an invaluable set of core questions to accompany you through the coaching process.

If you would like to know more about Rosie’s book, check out the link:

  • Enhance your skills and confidence as a coach
  • Gain clear focus and direction by utilising the MAGIC Methodology
  • Build a succinct library of insightful coaching questions
  • Enrich your coaching with a range of creative tools and techniques
  • Realise your own potential and support others in doing the same