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March 2023 :’Becoming a Master Coach’ with Ray Charlton

We met face to face at our new venue Hockley House Hotel in Solihull in March 2023, led by guest speaker Ray Charlton. Ray is a familiar face at Coaching Central and many of you will know him for his wisdom, humour and presence. We invited him to speak to us about Mastery given he is an Association for Coaching Accredited Master Executive Coach and an AC Accreditation Assessor, and an all round amazing human being.

Ray helped us explore what is mastery in coaching, sharing aspects of his own coaching journey with us. He asked us ‘what is mastery?’ which got us all talking about different skills and abilities from being a Michelin chef to a world-class Olympic athlete. We touched on the idea that mastery is a journey, not a destination. Being on the journey and constantly learning can sometimes make us feel uncomfortable, because we know that we don’t know everything there is to know….and we never will. Ray shared several thought-provoking models with us to help us process our thinking – see the photos below along with some book recommendations for further reading.

At the end Ray got us all involved in what he called a ‘concert’. Using excerpts from various Alchemy of Coaching’s monthly discussion papers ‘Base Metal’, we all read out different sentences one after another. Here are some of the sentences we read out:

“an expert wants to get to the answer as quickly as possible and a master is willing to stay in the not knowing as long as possible” (a quote from Aboodi Shabi)

it is the apparently intuitive choices that the coach makes that are the sign of mastery. This “intuition” is the product of learning over many hours, occasionally trying things out that do not work, making mistakes and learning from them and always seeking to improve.”

“as a coach, I believe that learning and change begin with me. In order to be fully present to my client, I will prepare myself and seek to be in as resourceful a state as I can be. This does not mean that I am perfect!”

It was a captivating, and in many ways a moving experience, as we ended the evening with some powerful coaching insights.

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Ray’s book recommendations for further reading