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May 2023 Recap: Discover Reflective Practice

Simon Hague hosted a content-packed and thought-provoking session on Reflective Practice at our new venue, Hockley House Hotel. We explored what reflection was all about, when as coaches we practice it, and whether it needs to have purpose to be effective. We looked at how we can help clients reflect resourcefully with ideas including breathing and grounding exercises, using pictures to prompt new thinking, useful memories or even a song! Asking clients “what did you notice?” helps introduce a pause and enables less judgement around something that happened.

Simon introduced some useful models including Gibbs Reflective Cycle and 7 Positions of Reflection to help use reflection for ourselves and our clients in a resourceful way to enable growth and learning.

It was a wonderful evening of learning and growth for us as coaches, with both laughter and deep thought all in one evening!

Simon is an accredited ICF local coach and experienced supervisor. If you’d like to discover more of his insights, you can subscribe to his weekly newsletter ‘COACHd’ here

Simon explaining Gibbs Reflective Cycle