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June 2020: Transformational Coaching: adding value by connecting with our values

We had a very engaging and informative session in June on “Transformational Coaching”, led by Fiona Anderson from valuingYou Ltd. Fiona helped us to identify our own core values and understand how these affect our lives and how we can live more in line with them. 

Here are some of her insightful questions:

·      Can you describe what makes you who you are?
·      When you are uncomfortable about something or someone, do you understand why?
·      Have you ever wondered why your reactions to daily and life events differ from others’?
·      Have you offended someone when your intention was the opposite?
·      Have you been deeply upset by someone you think should have known you better?
·      Have you made decisions that you really were not comfortable with?

The answers to these questions helped us all to explore our core values. For more information, check out Fiona’s blog on values.

In the session, Fiona helped us to explore the role of values in our life and at work and also to reflect on the impact that lockdown/Covid-19 may have had on our personal values. The results were very interesting and varied! We also looked at how we can incorporate our values more into our lives and into our coaching practices. 

I for one learnt lots and I found Fiona’s passion for the topic very infectious indeed. It’s given me lots of food for reflection about my own values, how they show up and what happens when one of my values is being ‘wobbled’. 

I’d like to say a very big THANK YOU! to Fiona Anderson for delivering such a valuable and informative talk!

Speaker’s Bio

Fiona is a Change Consultant, Facilitator,  Trainer and Executive & Team Coach.

Fiona established valuingYOU in 2004 and in 2019 introduced My Change Expert. Fiona has lead and successfully delivered substantial change programmes. 
Her expertise is proven across a variety of sectors from micro SMEs to Global Corporations, Voluntary and NGO including: IT; Legal Firms, Recycling; Precision Engineering, PR, Sub Post Masters; Logistics, Universities.